CLE Credits

Information Regarding New York CLE Credits:

Columbia Law School has been certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Board as an Accredited Provider of CLE programs. Under New York State CLE regulations, this traditional live classroom for transitional and non-transitional CLE Program will provide 4.5 hours of New York CLE credit in the Areas of Professional Practice category and 3 hours of New York CLE credit in Skills category. This CLE credit is awarded to New York attorneys for full attendance of each individual session of the Program. Attorneys seeking credit must affirm arrival and departure times with a signature in the registers. On sign-out on departure, attorneys should also submit their completed Evaluation Form, furnished at the Conference. This attendance verification procedure is required by the New York State CLE Board. Please note the NYS Certificates of Attendance will be sent to the email address as it appears in the register unless otherwise noted there.


Conversation 1 - Institutional Reform of ISDS

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Conversation 1/jgac059.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Conversation 1/jgad004.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Conversation 1/siab036.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Conversation 1/ZTVQJk-siac016.pdf

Conversation 2 - SCOTUS

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Conversation 2/27SuffolkJTrialAppAdvoc24.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Conversation 2/34DAJVNewsl133.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Conversation 2/44HarvIntlLJ191.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Conversation2/7SetonHallConstLJ149.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Conversation 2/arbint12-0137.pdf

Panel 1 - ESG

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 1/I Seif - Business and Human Rights in Investment Law.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 1/Damages Relating to Environmental, Social and Governance Issues - Global Arbitration Review.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 1/2022-in-review-climate-change-as-a-mainstream-issue-for-investment-treaty-policymakers.pdf

Panel 2 - BRI

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 2/Resolving_Disputes_in_China_New_and_Sometimes_Unpr.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 2/International Arbitration Focus Newsletter Belt and Road.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 2/Chinas Belt and Road Initiative_ Challenges for Arbitration in A.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 2/Framework for the Resolution of Disputes Under the Belt and Road Initiative.pdf

Panel 3 - Judges perspectives 

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 3/Bermann - Gateway Problem in International Commercial Arbitration.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 3/Gaillard - Abuse of Process in International Arbitration.pdf

/sites/default/files/content/Reading Materials/Panel 3/Lew - Does National Court Involvement Undermine the International Arbit.pdf