CAD 2022 Program

Columbia Arbitration Day (CAD) 2022 

Rethinking International Arbitration: Towards Transformation and Reform


8:45am to 9:15am

Globalization and How to Maintain International Arbitration’s Legitimacy

Keynote speaker: Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler


9:15am to 10:45am

Is Arbitration Keeping Up with New Ways of Doing Business? The Arbitrators` Perspective

Panelist 1: Sophie Nappert  

Panelist 2: Eduardo Silva Romero (Dechert)

Panelist 3: Charles Brower (Twenty Essex)

Moderator: Prof. Robert Smit (Columbia Law School)


11:00am to 12:30pm

Reforming International Arbitration Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence: What to Expect in the Near Future?

Panelist 1: Abby Cohen Smutny (White & Case)

Panelist 2: Tunde Ogunseitan (Ogunseitan Arbitration)

Panelist 3: Thomas Snider (Al Tamimi & Company)

Moderator: Prof. Rahim Moloo (Gibson Dunn, Columbia Law School)


2:00pm to 3:30pm

New Challenges to Investment Arbitration: Environmental Claims

Panelist 1: Yasmine Lahlou (Chaffetz Lindsey)

Panelist 2: Lorraine de Germiny (LALIVE) – Columbia Law School alumni

Panelist 3: Mathew Draper (Draper & Draper)

Moderator: Prof. Kabir Duggal (Arnold & Porter, Columbia Law School)


3:45pm to 5:15pm

Investment Treaties and Arbitration: Should We Seek a Different Way to Settle Disputes Between States and Investors?

Panelist 1: Patrick Pearsall (Allen & Overy) – Columbia Law School alumni

Panelist 2: Andrea Bjorklund (McGill University)

Panelist 3: Julie Bédard (Skadden) – Columbia Law School alumni 

Panelist 4: Clovis Trevino (Covignton & Burling)

Moderator: Prof. George Bermann (Columbia Law School)